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What’s awful: I got these done when I was really young at Claire’s and they are horribly crooked. The left photo is fine, that’s how I wanted these piercings to turn out. The right photo just makes me want to cry. Both ears look completely different. It’s like the lady who pierced the second holes was blind or something… it’s so obvious how wonky they are. 

How it can be fixed: I talked to a professional piercer who said he could definitely make another hole between the first and second, where the original second was SUPPOSED to be. NEVER GET YOUR EARS DONE AT CLAIRE’S, OR ANY OTHER PLACE THAT USES A GUN AND DOESN’T TRAIN ITS STAFF. You could end up with depressingly lopsided ears like mine. :(

This is what my ears are like, but mirrored :(

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    Ugh. This is my story. Except instead of going to Claire’s… I went to Walmart. I’ll let that sink in for a moment....
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    this happened to mine too. I only got one piercing done with a gun but they are uneven and it makes my second ones look...
  4. smashedcupcake said: I remember I got my second whole at Claire’s and on one of my ears THE EARRING IS TOO CLOSE TO THE FIRST ONE. Ugh!!
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    This is what my ears are like, but mirrored :(
  6. diey0ung-saveyourself said: Ahh that’s exactly what happen to me. I took my entire summer to massage all the scar tissue on my left ear and now I’m hoping it closes up so I can get it redone at a shop.
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